• The grounds of Maypearl Manor
    Old World Style
    The Maypearl Manor is a unique, versatile events venue located on the highest point in Ellis county, with sweeping views for miles in every direction. We are a venue that is built around cherishing the simple things in life. Our simple and classic style brings an elegance that is at once timely and timeless to what is really important, you. Your event is what matters at The Maypearl Manor. We provide the backdrop for your event to be what you envision it to be, to connect your guest, coworkers, employees and clients. We at the Maypearl Manor understand that a special environment helps to create lasting memories.
  • Maypearl Manor pays attention to details
    Attention to Detail
    We take pride in our attention to detail. We are more than another venue that is a space for your guests to simply congregate. We are meticulous about the details to ensure that the bride and groom have the very best start to their fairy tale journey. Or the business that strives to communicate vision to their colleagues without distraction. Your event is not only special to you, but it's special to us which is why we ensure attention to detail is accomplished.
  • Maypearl Manor delivers exceptional Service
    Exceptional Service
    At Maypearl Manor, we do more than open the doors for you to have your event. We provide exceptional service that ensures an unparalleled experience for your guests. Whether you need catering for your wedding or maybe bar service for your concert, we set up the details to provide the greatest experience in Maypearl, TX.

Weddings, Corporate Gatherings, Concerts, Art & More

Maypearl Manor is committed to providing a truly unique experience for whatever your event needs may be. The 130-acre property was first established in 1945. Now known as the Battle Axe Beef Company, the land stays in use as a ranch, we continue that tradition with our pure-bred Long horns, who will gladly eat out of your hands. Our values, attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service, are those of a simpler time that is reflected in every aspect of who we are as a company, even the architecture of our facility. We believe in the power of families, colleagues and friends coming together, to celebrate in comfort and style.

We serve our clients for many different types of events. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or maybe you're looking for an intimate location for an art, music, fashion, concert or other event. The Maypearl Manor is sure to connect you to people in a way that no other venue can.

Our desire is to provide you and your guests with a positive and easygoing experience. To that end, we will strive to leave no detail undone and no stone will be left unturned in the planning and execution of your event.

Are You Ready for Your Business to Stand Out?

The perfect environment for your business meeting in Waxahachie/Maypearl is available at The Maypearl Manor.

The Maypearl Manor is a classic working ranch environment that creates a comfortable setting for colleagues to get together for any type of business setting. Maybe you're looking to hold a business meeting, conference, present a new product to your clients, or simply celebrate with the staff at your company. The Maypearl Manor allows for groups either large or small to come together in a state-of-the-art environment that is full of character and quality. When you're needing to get the attention of those you do business with, there is no better place to do so then at Maypearl Manor. Business meetings at our venue not only will be done in a quality environment, but our attentive staff is available to help serve you and to make sure your meetings stand out to send your message clearly.

You Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue in Waxahachie, look no further than The Maypearl Manor. The Manor has a seating capacity up to 350 in the main Ballroom. The Courtyard, with it's incredible vista overlooking all of North Texas has a seating capacity for 350 for both meals and ceremonies. Maypearl Manor also has a pavilion that can be used as smaller reception area. Our multifaceted venue gives you ample opportunity and configurations to make your wedding special and fun. Weddings are meant to be a time where friends and families can come together to celebrate one of life's most special moments. We understand that the details need to be perfect, which is why our facility boasts state of the art equipment to meet all the needs to serve you and your guests. We provide the Bridal party with ample and beautiful dressing rooms.